"Hells Belle"
Image copyright: Dave Glossop
Burlesque and Cabaret Dance Classes:
I teach a very wide variety of Burlesque, Vaudeville and Cabaret style dance routines ranging from Burlesque Striptease, Can-Can styles, lap / chair dance, plus stage, show & cabaret styles, and for the brave, (and those with a wicked sense of humour,) I will teach you how to nipple tassel!
There`s a lot more to these styles of dancing than most people think, so be prepared for an energetic medley of fabulously choreographed dances and routines ... it`s not all about stripping down and jiggling about!
"The Velvet Burlesque"(TM) are one of the largest, and longest-running Burlesque & Cabaret Variety Theatre shows/productions, and Burlesque & Cabaret dance class(es) in the U.K.

>  Chapeltown, Sheffield, S35.