Lara Gothique - "Hells Belle"
(Photo: Dave Glossop)
Lara Gothique - "Hells Belle"

A well established, fully qualified, and highly respected Dance & Fitness Teacher, Personal Trainer, Performer, Choreographer, & Producer, with an excellent reputation in her field of business since 1991.
Founder and Choreographer of "The Velvet Burlesque"(TM), "The Yorkshire Puddings" and "The Velvet Boylesque", plus founder and producer of "Sheffield Burlesque & Cabaret Extravaganza".
"The Velvet Burlesque"(TM) are proud to be one of the largest, and longest-running Burlesque & Cabaret Variety shows/productions, and Burlesque & Cabaret dance class(es) in the U.K.
Lara Gothique ("Hells Belle") was voted into the Top 5 "Best British Burlesque Performer" category by The Burlesque Awards, and The Velvet Burlesque show troupe won the award for "Best British Burlesque Troupe".

"Hells Belle" - a mysteriously formidable Amazonian Goddess with a fiery arrogance, wit, intelligence, and style. An intriguing experience not for the faint of heart ... This bitch bites if you pull her tail!

Her on-stage persona is a very strong, confident, feisty Showgirl, with enthusiastic performances and grand costume. Her performances have enthralled many, from numerous UK and international appearances.

Performer repertoire includes a signature 'Victorian Lady' with exquisite costume, or a tassel-twirling striptease done in (very muddy) wellies, to Charleston style pieces, through to flirty Rock & Roll styles, classic fan-dances, all the way to an arrogant, shimmering, bright green man-eating alien, an exotic "Dance of the Seven Veils", a feisty Spanish Flamenco, a disco-dancing Nun, an intoxicated Reindeer, a jingling Christmas "Belle", plus the more Gothic Horror/Macabre “Gorelesque” routines if you are looking for more shock value!

You pick a theme – "Hells Belle" will provide the routine and show-stopping performance!

Lara Gothique ("Hells Belle") and "The Velvet Burlesque"(TM) are based in Sheffield, South Yorkshire (U.K.), but will travel further afield (including internationally).

Please visit The Velvet Burlesque "YouTube" channel (links here and below) to see a selection of available choreography/routines!

Regarding Fitness/Personal Training - Lara has an excellent reputation in her field with regards rehabilitation from sports injuries, day to day accidents, illness, etc., and often has (client) referrals sent by/from GP's/ Physiotherapists/Chiropractors, etc.
Fitness/rehab programs/classes are tailored to suit each individual, and always within the client's physical capabilities/limitations.
Lara also has an extensive background in pre and post-natal health and fitness.

Please contact Lara for all further information regarding solo/troupe performance, private tuition, corporate/private event planning, dance & fitness classes, or hen/birthday party bookings,  etc.
Wedding choreography (Bride & Groom's "first dance") also a speciality - please ask for details.

Gothic/Vampire/Victorian-period style modelling also a speciality/interest.
Past/on-going performance/modelling (etc.) work includes: Gothic/Vampire/Victorian-period styles, (various forms of) Burlesque/Cabaret/dance, horror, fetish & fantasty, horseback, motorcycle, (can also ride both), and many more!
If you need a specific theme, then please feel free to ask.

A very strong swimmer - also trained/competed nationally in the sports of both Speed and Synchronized Swimming!
A skilled horse-woman in cross-country, dressage, show jumping, etc. and has also performed stunt work for various shows/events in past years.
"An hourglass figure, with the sand in all the right places"
- Mister Meredith

"Hells Belle was a Victorian Gothic masterpiece as an Old Fashioned Girl', fitting into the surroundings perfectly."

"Hells Belle ... the fastest tassels in the North!"
- Feline Productions

"Hells Belle aka Lara Gothique, the impresario and director of the Velvet Burlesque cabaret, troupe and dancing class teacher performs her routine ‘Hanky Panky’, wafting peacock feather fans to Madonna’s song.  She is so an absolute joy to watch, I can feel the audience enthralled by her.  
Her onstage persona is so large, vibrant and, confident. ... her performances prove there ain’t nothing like a pro."
- Alison J Carr, Artist and PhD researcher


(Photo: William Stevenson)