Lara Gothique ("Hells Belle") was voted into the Top 5 "Best British Burlesque Performer" category by The Burlesque Awards.
The Velvet Burlesque show troupe also won the award for "Best British Burlesque Troupe".

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>  Burlesque & Cabaret style Dance Class

Chapeltown (Burncross) Community Centre
Orchard Court
Burncross Rd
S35 1TH
(Driveway opposite "Icon Hair & Beauty Salon" - Burncross Rd., Chapeltown.)

Day & Time:

    > Thursday: 8pm - 10pm  (Ladies only)  * NEW CHOREOGRAPHY STARTED THURSDAY 5th MARCH *
No experience necessary - this class is ideal for beginners/newcomers onwards, and is a varied mix of beginner routines through to intermediate & advanced choreography.
New members are welcome!
If you wish to wait until we start a new routine/new choreography, please contact Lara Gothique to check a start date.
Price:  £12.50 per session
Age: 18+

     >  Friday: 8pm - 10pm  - The Velvet Burlesque Show Troupe only  
Please contact Lara in advance if you wish to attend this class.  
Intermediate/Advanced choreography - this class is aimed at regular Velvet Burlesque class/troupe members who know/perform our show troupe routines, etc., however beginners/newcomers may be welcome to attend at my discretion (please contact Lara Gothique first to discuss).
Price: £12.50 per session
Age: 18+

About the class:

"The Velvet Burlesque"(TM) are proud to be one of the largest, and the longest-running Burlesque & Cabaret Variety shows/productions, and Burlesque & Cabaret Dance Classes in the U.K.
"The Yorkshire Puddings" & "The Velvet Boylesque" Cabaret & Burlesque Dance Troupes also stem from these classes.
Lara Gothique ("Hells Belle") was voted into the Top 5 "Best British Burlesque Performer" category by The Burlesque Awards, and The Velvet Burlesque show troupe won the award for "Best British Burlesque Troupe".

I teach highly choreographed routines, and whilst these can be quite challenging at times - especially when you first start these classes, the sense of achievement you'll get once you master a routine or two is a great feeling! Routines are broken-down into 'segments' which we will add to week-upon-week until the whole of the routine has been mastered. It really doesn`t matter if you've never danced in your life - just take the bull by the horns and come along - beginners are very welcome!

Within classes, I teach a very wide variety of Burlesque, Vaudeville and Cabaret style dance routines ranging from classical Burlesque - Fan dance - Neo-Burlesque - Lap/Chair dance - Tap - Jazz - Contemporary - Slapstick styles.
I will also teach the various striptease elements within certain routines, and show you how to nipple tassel if the routine I am teaching/breaking down requires it!
There's a lot more to these styles of dancing than most people think, so be prepared for an energetic medley of fabulously choreographed dances and routines!

There will be no full nudity in class(es), so please don't panic Ö  also (when I teach them), you do not have to do the basic striptease routines if you feel uneasy, however I am confident that once you actually give it a go, there will be no stopping you - classes can really help to boost your body confidence/self-image, and you only do what you yourself are comfortable with whilst attending class(es).

Class members come in all ages, shapes and sizes, and I aim to help you to gain a more healthy, confident attitude towards your body and how you use it.
You do not have to be fit or 'buff' to attend classes - once you join, you will find that your fitness starts to improve week by week, and it's a fun way to keep fit and healthy.
Celebrate the body you have, let go of your inhibitions, and feel the freedom that dance can give you!

Want to see some examples of what we do within classes?  
Please check out the Velvet Burlesque YouTube channel, where you'll see some of the routines as taught/learnt within classes, but shown here in their full glory on stage!

"Hells Belle" & "The Velvet Burlesque" - You Tube Video links
All full & original choreography by Lara - "Hells Belle" - The Velvet Burlesque.

What to wear?

Please wear whatever you feel comfortable in, and clothing that will allow for ease of movement/dance.

For weekly classes, most of our class members tend to wear sportswear/workout gear, or leggings/tracksuit bottoms and a cool, comfy vest top.
Footwear can be a pair of dance shoes, pumps, or heeled boots or shoes that you can comfortably dance/move in. (Flats, bare or socked feet otherwise - up to you.)
Gentlemen dancers - please feel free to wear trainers if you wish.
If possible, please you could also bring a pair of long gloves, and a pair of  hand fans (just a cheap pair of feather, paper, or lace fans to practice with). Whilst we might not use these in class every week, they're always handy to bring with you, just in case. Dance knee-pads are a great thing to have with you too for repetition of any floorwork in some routines. All the above can easily be purchased via eBay. (etc.)
As above; I teach highly choreographed routines, which you'll repeat over and over again through the class , so prepare to get hot and sweaty!
Bring a drink of water with you too - it's thirsty work!

I aim to make all classes FUN, ENJOYABLE and WELCOMING!
Most of our members come along on their own (whilst some may come along with a friend or two) ... don't worry - you will be made to feel very welcome, and any first-time nerves will soon disappear!

These classes are ideal as an alternative to more 'conventional' exercise sessions - they work your body hard!

Please feel free to contact me (Lara) for any further information, otherwise, I hope to see you at class!


I was a bit nervous about showing up on my own at first but everyone was really friendly and they make sure everyone is included. We have a chat between dances and you can choose to chat later on the face book page too. Itís been a great way to get to know new people.

I think people who know me well are surprised when they find out I do burlesque but thatís because they donít really understand what itís about.  Spearmint Rhino it is not, but it is sexy, funny and very liberating.

I had to have some serious surgery whilst pregnant which left me with a beautiful baby but also some horrendous scarring. Burlesque has definitely improved my body confidence and helped me to feel attractive again.

This might sound a bit tight but in these times a good night out with the girls for £10 is pretty hard to beat.

 Itís good exercise. You do what you can do and Lara is really good if anyone has any health issues etc in advising what to do and what to avoid.  Itís amazing what new muscles can be found by burlesque and a few goes at the can-can will provide a fairly good workout for most people!

All life is here,
Older, younger, fatter, thinner,
Taller, shorter, daughter, mother,
Grandma, doctor, teacher, housewife,
Cleaner, shop assistant, nurse, dancer and
"Never done it before in my lifeĒ.
Everyone belongs and has a fantastic time.
- Jane P.

Just got back from Burlesque class at Hype Studios taught by Lara Gothique / Hells Belle  from The Velvet Burlesque. Was absolutely brilliant fun, and when you get the slow walk and click going you feel damn hot!! would recommend it to anyone!! :)
- Felicity Hoy

I have been attending Burlesque/Cabaret classes in Chapeltown Sheffield for a few years now, when I first came I was nervous about my ability to learn the moves and dancing in front of others & looking silly! I needn't have worried, the classes are a real buzz, learning either by being 'thrown in' and muddling through or by having dance steps broken down. Either way its fantastic fun, I have developed not only my abilities to dance, but I have made some lovely friends with the gorgeous and supportive ladies that attend class with me -we are all shapes, ages & sizes too!  We like to call Thursday class 'Thursday therapy' when we laugh a lot !!!!
The dance tutor Lara has years of experience, is very creative and makes class brilliant for everyone there. I started off as a scared learner and am now preparing to perform for a second time in the Troupe, attending two classes per week! My self esteem has been given a real boost!
I would definitely recommend anyone to join us and as a bonus I have also lost more weight that I ever have due to the exercise also, that can't be bad can it?
Thanks Lara & the ladies of The Velvet Burlesque. -
- Gill Chappell